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Everybody loves iPhones

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From its design to its ease of use and access to unrivalled content, its not hard to see why Apple have such a huge following. Their phones have become first choice for most people who long to have the latest and the best. So what becomes of the castoff phones?

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On Site IPhone Repairs

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Looking for iPhone repairs in your town? Choose Conway Comms UK as first choice for on site mobile phone repairs in Hertfordshire country UK. Our callout service is just perfect for both individuals and companies in the area.

We now operate an on site repair of your iPhone or a collect and return service if the job is more complicated then expected.

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iPhone 5 Screen Replacement Procedure

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Get Your Problem Solved in Less Time with iPhone 5 Screen Replacement

Many people started to wonder if there is a chance for them to get their iPhone screen repaired on their own. It is really possible for one to repair his or her phone’s screen without the help of any professional technician? One of the problems encountered by most people who own an iPhone is a cracked screen. Since an iPhone is delicate product of technology, not to mention the mere fact that it is made of glass componets, when dropped accidentally, the screen of the phone will break. The common solution considered by many is to take the phone to a phone repair centre , but there is another way to get the problem solved. That is to buy an iPhone 5 screen replacement.

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iPad and iPhone repairs

how much does it cost to repair a phone screen

Best IPAD OR IPHONE REPAIR Service at Conway Communications

I phones or I-pads are amazing devices that are commonly used for taking high-quality photo or rapid net surfing through 3G or 4G cellular networks and of course the all important Wi-Fi usage. They incorporate several useful functions like assembling pictures and documents for important business presentations, which is the case in iPad. As for iphone, it houses several special features in voice calling and video calling and is a valuable asset to
corporate or techie employees alike.

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